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  Company was founded in June 1995, the registered capital of 5030000 yuan, the existing staff of more than 220 people, the main products for the automotive, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and gear box and other parts castings.
  Company in 2011 was named high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, has won the Jiangsu province science and technology enterprises, Jiangsu Province, province, innovative enterprises, Jiangsu Province, high growth SMEs, Jiangsu province Shou contract re credit enterprises, Changzhou City Labor and social security credit enterprise, and so on.
  Company tenet of "high starting point, high technology, high quality", the number of domestic and foreign advanced technology and mature technology and equipment, with Japan Air Impact Molding Line 2 (FCMX-II, FCMX-III), Danish vertical extrusion flaskless molding line (DISA) and domestic cold, hot core core making machine, Shanghai new research of 3T 3000kw.500HZ series resonant single output intermediate frequency induction furnace melting equipment and perfect physical and chemical detection and online detection equipment.
  Company has passed ISO / TSl6949:2009, ISO14001, OSHSl8000 integrated management system certification, improve the control and the use of SPC control points, six sigma tools in the production process to conduct a comprehensive quality control, to ensure the casting product quality at the same time, the company introduced "5S lean production, implementation of the" visual factory management, the introduction of Japan's Isuzu etc. Company mature casting production process, CAD, 3D modeling, computer simulation of solidification modern technology development, is widely used in the development of new products. The company has become a has advanced production technology and modern management of foundry enterprises, after years of market development, the current domestic Shanghai GM, Jiangling chassis, Zhejiang Asia Pacific Company and established good relations of cooperation, the product has simple indirect export to the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain and other overseas markets.